Friday, August 29, 2008

Had My Doubts, But They Proved Me Wrong

I was skeptical about this type of website, but my friends and your FilipinaBeauties4u staff assured me they would do everything in there power to help me to find the women of my dreams. Well I was meet at the airport by one of your staff and escorted to my hotel. That afternoon I was introduced one by one too a group of ladies that meet my requirements. By the days end I had decide on which ladies I wanted to get to know better. I went on dates with each one as well as was shown around the island. By the third day I had decided which young lady I wanted to be with. We are now together, married and living a wonderful life in Texas. I would recommend FilipinaBeauties4u and its staff to anyone serious in finding the asian beauty of there dreams.

Bob from Texas