Friday, September 26, 2008

Philippine Culture

The belief that "white is beautiful" is held by many Filipino women, leading them to stay out of the sun to keep their skin from getting dark. Even at a young age, children are taught and practice this belief. Furthermore, many of these women use bleaching or whitening skin products to keep their skin white, and also use anti pimple or anti blackhead products. This bias towards favoring white skin came from the influential occupations of the Spanish and the Americans, and continues among many Filipinos to this day.

Fatness may also be associated with wealth, while being too skinny may be seen as a sign of poverty.

Rebonding and hair relaxing are popular among teenagers. Spa treatments are also famous. Indulging in various salon treatments is a common activity among well-off Filipinos which helps the rising popularity of salons such as F Salon, Ricky Reyes and David's salon which includes famous hair stylist such as Fanny Serrano, Jun Encarnacion and Ricky Reyes.

As in other Asian countries, most Filipinos are myopic (nearsighted). This contributes to the large scale Philippine optical industry.

In formal gatherings, men wear the Barong Tagalog, a translucent pearl white shirt, usually made of piƱa (pineapple) fibers or jusi [hoo-si] (banana) fibers. But in informal settings, such as at home or at picnics, Filipinos either go barefoot or wear slippers. Due to the humid tropical climate, men are often found in a tank top or go bare-chested, wearing shorts and with a towel on their shoulder to wipe away the sweat.

In rural areas of the country, some Filipino children resort to bathing naked in public. Those who live near rivers take baths there, and natives will use river stones as washcloths to scrub themselves. Since water pressure is lacking in many areas of the country, many people resort to using buckets (timba at tabo) for bathing. People are so used to the routine of using the bucket bath method that they will continue to use it even when water pressure is more than adequate for shower use. Places that have adequate water pressure like hotels do have running shower heads.

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