Wednesday, October 29, 2008 - The Search Engine To Use

FIND.COM!! The easiest thing to remember when searching online for your favorite items, just use there newly designed keyword search tool and you will be directed to the results. It’s that simple, what more could you ask for.

With some of the other search engines on the world wide web you get so many results. It can take hours to go thru the links to find what you are looking for. Not with FIND.COM! With there technology you will only get the best results that match your keywords.

They also have a growing number of interesting articles for you to read. Currently at 500 and should be in the thousands by the end of the year. These articles are all unique and expert-written. Search Engine site is very clear, simple and not a lot of overpowering ads, plus easy to remember. You can Find People, Find Friends, and even Find Jobs. I compared there keyword search to a few other search engines while timing the amount of time it took to find the link to the website of my choice. And by far FIND.COM was the fastest. In comparison it took an average of 15 minutes less time to find the link of my choice. I will surely be using and going to FIND.COM first the next time I am searching for something online.




Anonymous said...

Hmmm.. nice blog. Nice 2 meet u :D

Catherine said...

Sounds like a very useful site!