Thursday, October 23, 2008

Travel to New Zealand


Have you ever considered traveling internationally? Are you afraid you cannot afford the airfare or traveling expenses? Well, I to was in your shoes for many years. I never traveled anywhere for the first half of my life and regret every minute of it. Now I have traveled all over the United States, Canada, Mexico, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Hong Kong, Japan and the Philippines. The Philippines is where I meet my loving wife and we still travel there almost every year for a visit.

We have dreams of traveling to a few other places in the world. One of these places is The Land of The Long White Cloud. This is in New Zealand and has scenic mountain ranges, coastlines, beautiful wildlife and geysers. These are big tourist destinations that draw visitors from all over the world.

One of the countries largest and most popular air carriers is Air New Zealand. They have teamed up with the tourist industry to provide great air travel at an affordable rate. Please check them out at for great rates as well as complete tour package deals.

Also Air New Zealand has a promotion going that can assist you in the cost of your fare. Air New Zealand is holding a casting call in late October to select 30 adults to be shaved and tattooed to serve as cranial billboards in Los Angeles as part of the airline’s marketing campaign promoting life-changing journeys to New Zealand. Each selected applicant will be eligible for a cash prize of $777 or an economy roundtrip ticket to New Zealand. The cash prize will be paid in two installments. The first half will be given after the selection and tattoo application and the second half will be given at the October 30 reapplication. For those who select a ticket in Pacific Economy class to New Zealand instead, the ticket will be given at the second application on October 30.



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dentingjiwa said...

hi..visiting from indonesia...

peace out

John said...

Hi, I'm bob, this was the first time I'm visiting New Zealand, this is such a wonderful place for vacations mainly in summer seasons becayse very cool here. In New Zealand there are many tourist places here, and hill stations and many historical places over here. kids love this place very much because here lots of beaches and parks here.

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